Works on rental

WorkInstrumentationComposition's yearGradeDurationPremiere 
Concert Band2018 (Winter)36'00''2018-09-22Renting
LifebloodBrass Band2018 (Winter)36'00''2018-09-22Renting
... Per AngustaConcert Band2018 (Spring)5.59'00''This work has not been premiered yetRenting
The Soldier's GreedConcert Band2018 (Summer)3
Soloists : 4.5
InsinuationsConcert Band2018 (Fall)45'00''2019-03-16Renting
InsinuationsBrass Band2018 (Fall)45'00''2019-03-16Renting
Exils (2nd prize in the International Composition Contest of Haute-Savoie in 2019)Concert Band and choirs2018 (Spring)48'20''2019-05-12Renting
Baby Hedgehogs MarchConcert Band2019 (Summer)2.53'00''2019-08-10Renting
Baby Hedgehogs MarchBrass Band2019 (Summer)2.53'00''2019-08-10Renting
(High) Fantasy for Flute and EuphoniumConcert Band2019 (Summer)4
Soloists : 6
Chimeric VariationsConcert Band2019 (Winter)2.57'00''This work has not been premiered yetRenting
Chimeric VariationsBrass Band2019 (Winter)2.57'00''This work has not been premiered yetRenting
KatharsisBrass Band2020 (Summer)5.54'30''2020-09-04Renting

Works on sale

Available in Music Centre, Sion

WorkInstrumentationComposition's yearGradeDurationPremiere
Ad AugustaBrass Band2014 (Fall)23'10''2015 (January)
Theme and RockBrass Band2015 (Summer)24'00''2015 (August)
Young DecibelsFlex 6201524'00''2015
A Sliding DayTrombones section and Brass Band2015 (Fall)3
Soloists : 4
8'10''2016 (January)
Colors of BreathHarmonie2016 (Spring)3.57'00''2017
Union MarchBrass Band2017 (Summer)3.53'30''2017