Concert Band Version

Brass Band Recording : L’Alpée de Vaulruz, with Gauthier Dupertuis

Chimeric Variations is a work based on multiple variations of the first subject (beginning) and the second countersubject (letter B) of a fugue which is exposed from the beginning to letter D. Throughout the work I have placed a lot of allusions to this fugue. Here are some examples: a first episode at letter D followed by a second exposition; a first entry of the subject in minor at letter J as well as a real answer at letter K; a short episode at measure 114; a strange second entry at letter N, with a totally altered first countersubject (stuck on repeat); two closing sections over a dominant pedal note at letter P and bar 185; a typical Picardy third at the end.

The work is therefore designed like a chimera: each part is very different but in the same time everything is related to the same creation, to the same two themes.

My variations are chimeric in their atmosphere too: the music is first very ingenuous. Then, a cluster based on the notes of the theme rises and breaks the fugue, like it was nothing but a dream. The following atmospheres are enigmatic and nostalgic, as if the music wishes it could bring the sweet major fugue back but had to accept that it is too late. The same thing happens to the naive ambiance of O which is stopped at letter Q by the same former cluster.

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