This piece for 3 trombones and Brass Band tells the story of a trombonist’s typical day.  It includes some acting for the soloists. Here’s the description I wrote just after I composed it:

Trombonists are very weird creatures. Some wake up happy, some ready to conquer and some others on the wrong side of bed. Some prefer joy and even exuberance, some tragedies and some others melancholy and sadness. Some like to put themselves forward and enjoy themselves. Others find it annoying and exasperating. Some are very good diplomats, but some others choose to impose their will on the others. Some introduce themselves on a very common and natural way, while others are far more surprising (like it or not).

However, most of them seem to appreciate sharing some tears sometimes, very often partying after a hard day at work, and sharing good memories and experiences with their friends almost every time. In conclusion it seems very likely, despite all folk beliefs, that trombonists are people (almost) like everybody else.