Concert Band version

Brass Band Recording : L’Union instrumentale de Liddes, with Cédric Jacquemettaz

Insinuations is a small tribute to the Queen song Innuendo. First I chose to reverse the original song’s form to obtain a “fast-slow-fast” structure. In both fast movements I tried to develop a flamenco’s atmosphere using a simple harmony and a strong percussion section. There are 3 thematic elements all in all: a recurrent pattern first exposed at letter A (in triplets), a first theme which we may clearly identify at letter D and a second theme used in both cadenzas as well as in a lot of other places (for example letters C, J and L).

I have attempted to refer to the warmth and passion of the Spanish music in the slow part. I have also made a few allusions to the Queen’s masterpiece, for example the meter of the cadenzas which is the same as the flamenco parts from Innuendo, the bolero rhythm’s imitation by the snare drum at letter H or the end of the slow part which is suddenly interrupted by the appearance of a fast tempo.